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Vendista is a fast, cheap and reliable POS terminal produced by our company.
It is used in automated commerce, coffee machines, retail and other industries.



Technical director

In 2020, 400 Vendista terminals were installed in our fleet. The income increased by 10-50% even on those machines where there was already a cashless transaction (of another manufacturer). I like the convenient setup through the portal, all in one place. Vendista works stably with all our models of vending machines.

Vavilon-Vending Group
IT director

We quickly integrated Vendista with our Vendoscope server. We now use Vendista as a 3-in-1. The terminal replaces the telemetry modem, transmits data on sales and accidents, receives and transmits an EvaDts report from the device, allows remote modification of product prices.

Shaker Tech
Technical director

Vendista terminal is a pleasant news for us: reliable, functional, fast and at the same time cheap.